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We Are With You In The Community

Recently I was made aware that many of our patients don’t realize the number of community services we offer outside of the office.  I thought I would address those and see if in 2020 (what a great year for eye doctors huh!?) you or your business may want to utilize these.

Eye Education

First, we do seminars, lectures and eye health talks at schools, retirement centers, community centers and businesses.  These talks are frequently tailored around the audience’s age and need but can also be customized for you.  Whether we are talking about reducing digital eye strain, ophthalmic ergonomics while at work, eye health changes in independent living centers, operating on a cow’s eye, safety for the eye or eye protection for students, our staff and doctors provide excellent education awareness and present everything in a really fun way.

Eye Health and Vision Screenings

Some populations such as children, the elderly or those who are less mobile may be underserved in maintaining their preventive eye health.  For that reason, we provide vision screenings at schools, independent living centers and other community locations.  These involve us checking vision, binocularity (how the eyes work together) and addressing eye health.  If your school or center could benefit from our team, contact us for a potential eye health and vision screening.  We also provide a summary for the organization of what we found so they can have a better idea of the presence or absence of vision needs in their community.

Optician on Call

We also rotate our excellent opticians on a volunteer basis to adjust, clean and fix eyeglasses – especially in locations where it may be difficult for patients to get to our office.  This is particularly beneficial for the elderly in retirement and independent living centers.   If your loved one or its organization/center has a need, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will see if we can arrange one of these optical rotations.

Doctor Rotation Visits and Exams

Want eye health and vision care at your location?  We are expanding our community services to include rotation by our doctors in community and independent living centers.  While we can’t provide every service that is provided in our office locations, we can do a comprehensive eye health and vision exam for preventative and corrective care.  This has been particularly beneficial and embraced by many community and independent living centers.  If your loved one or center has a need contact us.

Philanthropy and Community Give Back Programs

We support area charities with our time and contributions.  We are active in providing regular staff for the Meals on Wheels program in Williamson County.  Contact us if your organization has a potential need for staff involvement.

How to contact us?

For community seminars and screenings contact Paige Pantall

For rotations at a retirement or independent living centers, other health centers, medical practices or businesses contact Dr. David Zimmerman