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The K2 Way Book Announcement

A book!  A book from your eye doctor now available on Amazon?

It is true!  Dr. Susan and I have authored a book called One Patient at a Time: The K2 Way Playbook for Healthcare and Business Success.  You should be very familiar with many of the writings in this book.  The book started as a service manual to reinforce our service to patient mentality and our dedication to relationship-based approach to patient care.  As the service standards and teachings grew, the manual also grew.  Eventually many people suggested, “We like what you do so much, we wish other people and other doctors do the same.  Why don’t you make your approach into a book….so we did.

K2 way playbook contains (8) chapters and (135) easily digestible lessons for healthcare practitioners and offices of any kind.  We have consulted with emergency room physicians, pediatricians, ophthalmologist, optometrists, breast cancer specialist…you name it.  What Dr. Susan and I believe is that the elements of healthcare delivery are very similar.  The specific specialties have their own unique languages, approaches and expertise.  Yet when you combine excellent clinical care knowledge with excellent care delivery, you receive the type of courteous healthcare experience each of us as patients   deserve.

So, in our (8) chapters we focus first on the patient, leadership, culture, team building / employees, systems, marketing, and efficiency.  Essentially a little taste in all areas of finance, operations and marketing, the (3) fundamental components to running any business successfully.

If you would like an advance copy, they are available for purchase at our Cool Springs and Donelson offices.  You can also order pre-sale directly on Amazon or Barnes and Noble.  We expect the official delivery date to be the 3rd week of August.

Dr. Susan and I are proud to put in writing what we believe, practice and teach every day.  We want you to experience more than a good eye care visit….a great healthcare experience.

Thank you for being a patient and holding us to the high standards that we set for ourselves, our staff and other healthcare offices and doctors.

Dr. Kegarise