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The Competitive Edge – Sports Vision Training

Sports vision is a growing niche in the eyecare industry. The Competitive Edge trains an athlete’s vision to perform at the highest level. We customize our training to the athlete’s individual sport, position and competition level. The areas of vision that are consistently tested when competing in sports are: eye-hand and eye-foot speed, reaction time, peripheral awareness, target acquisition, and visual memory.

When someone says their vision is 20/20, they are referring to their static visual acuity. That is how you see when you sit still and look at an eye chart. Short of fitting you for glasses or contacts or performing laser surgery, an eye doctor cannot change your static vision.

We can, however, train your dynamic visual acuity in our sports vision center, The Competitive Edge.

Dynamic visual acuity

Dynamic visual acuity refers to how your eyes process information when you are in motion and/or when objects around you are in motion. In baseball, better hitters can see the ball better. In hockey, a goalie who can find the puck amidst all of the action in front of him will have a better save percentage.

At Cool Springs and Donelson EyeCare, our sports-minded doctors and staff use more than eight pieces of state-of-the-art equipment in our large on-site gym,  to assist athletes of all ages in achieving their sport-specific goals.

Our goal is the same as yours: To help improve your performance by training your eyes.

You’ll begin with a comprehensive sports vision assessment. More than a standard eye exam, this evaluation provides a performance profile in areas such as eye-hand coordination, reaction time, visual concentration, peripheral awareness, and depth perception. Upon completion of this work-up, you may enroll in a weekly training program, uniquely designed to enhance visual-motor performance in your particular sport.


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If you’re looking for a way to improve your game and have an edge over your competition, call The Competitive Edge at (615) 550-1690 today or email us about sports visionClick here to find out more about a sports vision assessment. We can help you see and perform your best.