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What is it?

Blockage or plugging of one or more of the tear-secreting oil glands along the eyelid. Often leads to redness, burning, dilated blood vessels, dryness or grittiness and “sticky feelings” in or around the eye.

Who Does it Affect?

Many people, yet most commonly it is seen in patients with a genetic or family history, Rosacea or oily skin and gland conditions. More commonly seen in Northern European Caucasian patients of Scottish, Irish or English heritage.

How is it Treated?

Warm compresses, massage, and expression of the glands is important. This may be performed by the patient during at-home therapy, or in the office by the doctor. Anti-inflammatory lubricant and antibiotic drops also are used. Oral medications which alter the glandular secretions and decrease inflammation also are helpful in many cases.