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Comparison Between DO and OD
April 11, 2014

Jeff and I are fortunate to have three great kids. I just returned from the Virginia College of Medicine (VCOM) where our youngest, Kelli, will enter osteopathic medical school in the Fall. One of the things that struck me was the level of similarity between the osteopathic approach to medicine and our optometric approach and care. I’ll use the principles of DO care to highlight these similarities:

1.  A focus on treating the whole person. So do we. While we may “focus” on the health of the eye, it all starts with our history and physical examination of your complete body systems. “The eyes are a window to the body.”

2.  A focus on preventive medicine. So do we. Children should be exposed to daylight 1-2 hours per day to minimize nearsighted progression. Nutritionals and genetic testing help us minimize vision loss for high risk patients.

3.  DOs use manipulative treatments to cure and help the body heal. So do we. Our Performance Vision Therapy center, headed by Dr. Jana Crim, helps improve muscle strength and coordination of the eyes, strengthen weak eyes, and improve reading and learning skills. The Competitive
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