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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

Olympic Framing
August 11, 2016


Like most Americans, we are watching the Olympics and chanting USA, USA! Unlike most, our Optical Manager, Stephanie, is also noticing the frame fashion and technology that is helping athletes perform at their highest level. 

Love the women's gymnastics team? Then you will notice USA Gymnastics coach, Marta Karolyi, wearing a Kate Spade Lucyann frame in black/pink. 

You will also see Simone Bile's mom wearing a cool Adidas 693 frame in red. 

Love track and field? In the days ahead when the women and the men take the Olympic track and field stadium, you will be seeing Nike's newest high performance frame, Nike Vaporwing. This uniquely designed frame was released the day before the Olympics and sports a new method of stabilization for athletes during performance. 

Foluke Akinradewo, a middle blocker on the USA women's volleyball team, is wearing a Nike Shield with a slight gray, gradient tint. The impact resistant lenses prevent eye injuries between the eye and the volleyball while blocking. 

What is common among all of these unique sports designs? You can get them all at Cool Springs, Donelson EyeCare and The Competitive Edge. To order these frames and lenses or to discuss your sport and the frame and tints that can help take you to the next level, email, or our Sports Vision Specialist, or our very own competitive gymnast, Dr. Rachelle Altstadt at 





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