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Sports, Vision and Football: Quarterbacking for Success
August 15, 2014

NFL quarterbacks are arguably among the best athletes in any competitive professional sport. Hard work as well as physical ability helps them achieve success at this level. Part of this success can be attributed to a quarterback’s ability to “see the field” using their peripheral vision. This allows them to be aware of their surroundings in an incredibly short amount of time. Peripheral awareness enables elite quarterbacks to assess and make decisions much faster than those who do not fully utilize this skill.
Seeing the field, anticipating receiver’s cuts and defender’s reactions simultaneously, requires using all areas of vision. Taking that extra fraction of a second to turn a head can be the delay that leads to incompletions or worse, interceptions. NFL quarterbacks often sift through their options so quickly that they can find their third and fourth receiver in a progression. They can look off a defensive back to make him believe they are going to throw one way when all the while, their intent is to throw in an entirely different direction.
Quarterbacks at the professional level consistently need to “see the play” develop, check off receivers, identify defenders, and make decisions while trying to keep from getting sacked as they remain in the pocket.  The fastest, broadest use of peripheral vision not only benefits quarterbacks or professional athletes, it can benefit athletes of all skill levels. Our sports vision program can train a quarterback’s dynamic visual abilities at all age and skill levels. Email us for a sports vision assessment if you want to excel as a quarterback.





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