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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

Sports and Eye Injuries
September 23, 2015

The best way to treat an eye injury is to prevent the injury from occurring. Contact lenses and glasses specifically designed for athletes are the best way to avoid sight-threatening injuries. The choice can vary depending on the athlete, age, position, and sport.  We work with parents and the individual athlete to assess how to best correct vision and prevent injuries. For instance, for some young athletes, sports protective glasses with a wrap and large optic lens are great for soccer. They not only protect the eyes and provide good vision but also help decrease the impact and possible injury from a kick to the face or orbit.

All lenses used for athletics must pass strict standards for sports protective eyewear. This is indicated by ASTM F803 on the frame or lens. Athletes are risking serious injury when, or if, they play in their regular glasses during sports. We highly recommend against wearing these for any sport. The risks are too great and the sports vision alternatives too numerous to risk our athlete’s eye health in this manner.

Proper fit of the temples and nose/bridge combined with anti-fog lenses and side ventilation are but a few of the features we recommend to allow the athlete to play safely. In order of frequency, the following sports have the most eye injuries as reported by eye doctors:

  •  Basketball
  •  Water and Pool activities
  •  Guns and shooting
  •  Baseball/Softball
  •  Weightlifting/Health club
  •  Football
  •  Soccer




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