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Doctor, I see spots!
July 8, 2015

Floating spots in vision are some of the more common complaints we get from patients. The first type of spot noticeably changes when you blink.  Blinking spreads tears over the eyes, so any lack of clarity (debris in the tears, pollens or otherwise) will float up and gently float down. If you can blink and clear up spots it’s likely that those spots are in the front of the eye or tear film.  

The more common type of spot we see is in the fluid of the eye --called the vitreous. The spots may come on suddenly and may only be noticeable when you look at a white background, a blue sky, or the inside of your lids while you’re sunbathing on the beach. These floaters are a normal physiologic change within the eye. As we mature, the thick gel of the vitreous starts to become runnier and sag. Some of the parts inside the fluid stick together and that’s what we notice moving around. If you try to look at them or move your eye, the spots generally move ahead of you! It’s sometimes hard to focus directly on a floater unless it is in the middle of your vision. If you experience a shower of floaters or flashing lights, this could be a more serious retinal change that the doctor will want to look at immediately. This is an ocular emergency and you should call us right away. Feel free to contact me or any of our doctors if you have any spots in your vision you are concerned about.





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