In June of 2016, we became the only provider in Tennessee carrying Adlens Focuss eyewear. You can turn a dial to get your reading, computer and driving distance. Truly the latest and greatest.
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Adlens Focuss: New Technology in Office
May 17, 2016

AdlensFocuss frames give you the ability to adjust your vision from near to distance at the turn of a dial. And the real beauty is that unlike progressives, you get virtually the whole lens in focus. AdlensFocuss™ features a unique technology called Variable Power Optics (VPO™). The problem that progressives wearers often describe is that they  have difficulty finding the sweet spot at certain distances. The sides of the lenses sometimes distorts shapes and makes objects blurry, which result in having to move your head around to find the focal point. 

Have you experienced these problems before or know someone who has? We have the solution! AdlensFocuss allows you:

  1. Adjust your vision at the turn of a dial.
  2. You only need one pair of glasses for near, intermediate and distance.
  3. Custom made for you in England.

Range: -6D to +4D with up to -2D cylinder

Adjustable: Max power add +2.5D

We are proud to offer this technology at both Cool Springs EyeCare and Donelson EyeCare.

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