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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

Fundamentals in Basketball and Vision
April 24, 2015

We moved to Nashville in the early 90’s. Having loved and played basketball, it was no surprise that we found a way to stay close to the sport. Coaching and volunteering in the recreational leagues led to organizing gym time for players to refine their skills. Our goals for our son and his teammates were never to just throw a basketball out on the floor and say “play”.  Rather, we wanted to teach, develop, and refine  the fundamentals and the mental understanding of how basketball is played at a competitive level.

With our passion for sports, my husband and I decided three years ago that with all of the athletes we see, examine, and counsel, we needed to take sports vision to the next level. We benchmarked the best college football conditioning programs, witnessed cutting edge training methods, and personally trained with the guru of sports vision training and consultant to the New York Yankees, Dr. Don Tieg. Then we set out building a dedicated sports vision training facility in the Cool Springs area and staffed it with the best trainers we could find. We now have the facility, the people, the equipment and the methods to take dynamic visual skills to the next level. As with our coaching methods, we are still stressing fundamentals. One by one, we are building the vision Jeff and I had -- to help athletes improve by slowing the game visually.





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