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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

October 19, 2014

Many of these old adages still have relevance in our modern life. You’ve come to expect individual, personalized care from us. Macular degeneration is the most prevalent eye disorder in America. Part of this is due to our aging population and the gradual breakdown of the central retinal tissue. It’s exacerbated by ultra-violet light,  smoking, high blood pressure, vascular disease, and other environmental factors. Even more significant is our genetic risk profile. What did we inherit from our parents, grandparents, aunts or uncles? All of those genetic factors can be evaluated (via a cotton swab of your cheek) for your own risk susceptibility in developing macular degeneration.

We monitor our higher risk patients on a more frequent basis and can recommend more specific nutritionals for you. In the last 18 months the Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS 2) came out with global population-based recommendations for the prevention or treatment of dry macular degeneration - the most common form.  

We’ve found that for a moderate percentage of the population, the overall AREDS 2 recommendations is good advice. However, there are two important sub-groups of the population where the recommended extra zinc, in AREDS 2, could make your dry macular degeneration worse! For other patients, additional zinc is the best recommendation but without additional lutein and zeaxanthin.

If we have performed your macular risk swabs in the last 12 months we have your vita risk® and you can discuss with us what nutritionals may be beneficial for you. If you have not had a macular risk test, I encourage you to do so. It’s simple, easy, cost-effective and the DNA test is billable to your medical insurance company. The report, which generally takes about a month will give us the information we need to make an individual recommendation. 





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