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Dr. Keg's Thoughts

Sports, Vision and Hoops: Contact Lenses
March 10, 2017

Many ball players pick contact lenses over glasses if they play sports, especially basketball. Why? Because basketball is a contact sport…in more ways than one! While many basketball players play well in glasses, most athletes prefer contact lenses. This is especially true in a sport where peripheral vision and court awareness are important. Here are just a few reasons why contact lenses might have it over glasses in ball sports: 

  • Better peripheral vision;
  • Unobstructed field of view;
  • Less likelihood of fogging up or being splattered;
  • Less chance of injury;
  • More stable vision;
  • Better compatibility with safety equipment; and 
  • Portable disposable lenses travel well. 

Our doctors make sure the fit provides good tear flow, clear vision and excellent comfort. We find athletes to be more motivated individuals – especially when it comes to enhancing their performance. 

We have fit children as young as 8 in contacts; however, the ideal age is 10 and up. Considering contact lenses for your athlete should be a decision made be-tween your eye doctor, the child and the parents. We’re always ready to help the next generation find their “competitive edge”!





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